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Joe Hart Farts In A Car (Video)

We at TDK have given props, both mad and simply simmering, to Manchester City for the fine in-house original video work they do to better showcase their players’ personalities. Well, the clip above might take the cake. In it, a team of pundits interpret the meaning of sticksman Joe Hart farting in a car. No, really. The whole incident even has a name: “The Hart Fart”. Just watch it.

[Via: Who Ate All the Pies?]

Is Joe ‘Hartdog’ Hart The New Sebastian Janikowski?

Manchester City sticksman Joe Hart went to the club’s fancy dress Christmas party as an American footballer on Monday night. Or as an Oakland Raider, to be more precise — though one has to wonder if Hart even knows what team’s uniform he’s wearing … but if Dimitar Berbatov can be a Brett Favre fan, then one has to suppose it isn’t too far-fetched that the City keeper might catch some hot Raiders action every now and again.

Hit the Daily Mail’s full photo recap of the night to see Roberto Mancini in a wig, Pablo Zabaleta potentially drunk, Kun Aguero as Harry Potter, and much, much more.

Joe Hart Does Bicycle Kick at Manchester City Practice

TDK has a soft spot for goalkeeper goals and general GK hi-jinks, so I’m waiving the American soccer relevancy check-box for this post. Manchester City’s and England’s #1 keeper Joe Hart gets on his bike during training for the sky blues. You are quite the athlete Mr. Hart, but, let’s face it, Tim Howard would still make you look like Mary Hart on the basketball court. <—– Update: American Soccer relevancy, check.