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Wembley FC Advances In FA Cup; Alex Morgan Stops By To Cheer On Brian McBride And Friends (Photos, Video)

Brian McBride (above) and Wembley FC advanced past Langford FC, 3-2, on Saturday in the extra preliminary round of the 2012-13 FA Cup. They now move on to the preliminary round of the FA Cup, which means they’re still about 5,000 miles away from the final match at Wembley, despite their ground, Vale Farm, residing in the shadow of England’s footballing home.

The match, which was apparently broadcast in the UK on ESPN, was shown live on Facebook Saturday morning. The fine folks at Budweiser, who are sponsoring Wembley FC’s run to the FA Cup (hence all the big names on the squad), were able to get Alex Morgan and Kelly O’Hara (above) to pop by for a visit just days after their gold-medal triumph over Japan in the 2012 Olympics.
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Alex Morgan Naked In SI Swimsuit Issue

‘SWNT star Alex Morgan is set to appear in SI’s “Swimsuit” issue, although the usage of the word swimsuit is a bit misleading, as Morgan will apparently be fabric-free and donning just bodypaint in the popular edition of the mag.

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a prude, I have to say that I like the photos Hope Solo did for ESPN the Mag’s Body Issue far more than these shots of Morgan (assuming the above shot is a fair representation of what we can expect to see from the SI spread). The above photo is basically a thinly-veiled way of displaying a full-frontal nude shot of Morgan. Solo’s photos, meanwhile, revealed just as much skin, but were both artistic and creative — the garden hose photo was an instant classic that flipped the soccer-mom concept completely on its head. Then kicked it in the minivan.

In short, you’re better than that, SI.

Morgan also did a quick Q&A with Hot Clicks about the shoot, so you have options beyond just navel-gazing, people.

Soccer Goes Big Time On ABC This Saturday

Soccer is going big time this Saturday (check your local listings) on ABC. The network’s new show “Big Time” — where “young adults” from across the globe fulfill their dreams (or try to) with a little help from some seasoned pros — will feature some famous soccer namesAlex Morgan, Lauren Cheney, Juan Pablo Angel, Frankie Hejduk, and Brazilian goalkeeper coach Gaucho Pinho. Get ready for some glow-in-the-dark goalie wars!

US Women Hammer Guatemala 13-0 In Olympic Qualifying (Video)

The US women’s national team continues to make a mockery of the CONCACAF olympic qualifying tournament. On the heels of their 14-0 thrashing of the Dominican Republic Friday, the lady Yanks dropped 13 on Guatemala Sunday night in Vancouver.

Vancouver-born Sydney Leroux — she has dual citizenship — lead the way with a five spot, despite regular booing from the Canadian crowd.

And this time, the “Baby Horse,” Alex Morgan finally got on the scoreboard. Phew. Thank G.

The US will meet Mexico on Tuesday in the final group stage match.

US Women Demolish Dominican Republic 14-0 In Olympic Qualifier (Video)

Yes, 14-0. That was the final score in the US women’s national team Olympic qualifier against the Dominican Republic Friday night. As you would suspect, this was the most lopsided win ever for the lady Yanks.

Amy Rodriguez netted five times to lead the way and Heather O’Reilly hit for a hat trick — no goals for baby horse, Alex Morgan, in 45 minutes for work, unfortunately.

The ladies from the Dominican Republic are ranked 88th out of 136 in the world by FIFA. The US is number one. Afghanistan, where women have to play under the threat of death, is ranked last.

And luckily, no one got shot to death, with a gun, Friday night in Vancouver, like happened at the US team’s hotel earlier this week.

More match details here and here.

Best 11 American Soccer Commercials, Ever

It’s that time of year. The time of year for unnecessary lists. And with MLS in hibernation for the winter and Klinsmann’s kids off until January, there’s a void to fill for American-centric soccer fans. So, here’s one more unnecessary list to nourish your soccer soul: TDK’s Best 11 American Soccer Commercials of All-Time.

Parameters: must involve an American or an American soccer league. Must involve soccer. Must be a commercial (or promo).

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Alex Morgan, US Women Soccer Players Pose For ‘Glamorous’ Photos At Pre-Olympics Event

Alex Morgan and some of her US Soccer teammates played a little dress-up recently, donning some British-themed hats and outfits in anticipation of this summer’s London Olympics. The photo shoot was part of a US Olympic Committe/NBC promotional event.

A little search-engine-ing turned up some details on the event that was supposed to include “exciting interviews and glamorous lifestyle shoots.” And where, according to the media invite, “they will spend significant time getting to know ‘the real you,’ capturing fun and relatable video and photos they can use as the London Olympic Games draw near.” This will “not be your typical press event,” according to Patrick Sandusky, Chief Communications Officer of Team USA.

Keep clicking to see more of the atypical photos and please prepare for more “fun” and totally “relatable” imagery in the coming months.

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Recap: Best Soccer Halloween Costumes 2011 (US Edition)

This is not Santa Claus. This is FIFA executive committee member and CONCACAF whistleblower Chuck Blazer dressed up for Halloween. Blazer, a Halloween enthusiast for years, took the easy way out this year, utilizing the most obvious costume to accompany his Santa-esqe beard. Judging from his Twitter account though, Blazer hasn’t lost his passion for Halloween, he’s just a little under the weather.

The best of other soccer in the USA Halloween costumes spotted across the world wide web after the click.

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Frankenstein’s Monster: US Soccer Edition

If you created a US Soccer Frankenstein monster, it might look something like this:

Alex Morgan: Brains, Beauty, Youth

Tim Howard: Heart, Hands, Badass Tats

Landon Donovan: Legs (this is a fast monster)

Clint Dempsey: Feet (his creative metatarsals and his array of bright boots)

Hope Solo & Alex Morgan Get Their ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial

Abby Wambach got her’s this summer and now Hope Solo and Alex Morgan get their chance at TV commerical chicanery. The lady Yanks played some keepie-uppie with the stars with T.D., the Miami Dolphins’ mascot, and Jay Harris in their ESPN “This is SportsCenter” spot.

Let’s just hope T.D.’s fins didn’t do any extra juggling on the shoot.

Alex Morgan Doesn’t Miss Her PKs (And Neither Does TDK)

I was in attendance for MLS’ recent world-record breaking penalty kick event in New York. While there, I was able to catch USWNT star Alex Morgan stepping up for her PK. As you can see in the video above, she slotted home a decent shot with the inside of her foot. Well done, AM13.

My own PK was similar to Morgan’s, in that I also successfully converted a lower 90 finish using the inside of my foot. Only problem is I was trying to go upper 90. Ah well, if being a USMNT fan teaches you nothing else, it’s that a goal is a goal. No matter how each goes in, treasure them all.

Alex Morgan Adds To Her Goal-Scoring Highlight Reel In WPS Match

Remember that thing I wrote about Alex Morgan being the female equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo? Yeah, well, based on recent goal-scoring exploits, maybe she’s actually more like the ladies’ version of Dimitar Berbatov (purely from a soccer-ing perspective, of course).

Playing for the Western New York Flash, Morgan recently put home a brilliant no-look outside-footer against Boston in WPS play. Coming on as a sub in the second half, Morgan scored in the 87th minute, giving the Flash a 2-2 draw.
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Jon Stewart’s Soccer Skit Falls Flat (Video)

Jon Stewart during his soccer days at The College of William & Mary.

Sticking with the comedy theme on TDK today, another soccer friendly funnyman had some footie fun this week. Former William & Mary Tribe member and Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, gave the US ladies the re-enactment treatment, taking the Yankettes out to a New York City park to recreate their dramatic last-gasp goal against Brazil. Stewart’s skits are usually on target, but this one missed the mark.

But hey, just like LeVar Burton used to say, “you don’t have to take my word for it.” Video after the jump.

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Alex Morgan’s Emergence Blurs The Sting Of Losing, As US Gets Chance To Tune In To ‘AM13’

If Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final between the US and Japan exhibited nothing else, it was yet another painful reminder that soccer can be a cruel, tormenting game that doesn’t always reward the better side on the pitch over 90-plus minutes. America was the dominant side on Sunday, but Japan eked out a victory thanks to some opportunistic finishing and a great shootout performance. Naturally, that’s going to be frustrating for any stateside supporter, especially those who are passionate followers of the women’s game.

But while a title is certainly the ultimate goal for any team that takes the field, there are other benefits that can be reaped from a deep run into the tournament, such as the U.S. had. The ratings for the tournament were apparently quite strong, and the World Cup was played at a time when the U.S. sports calendar is relatively uncluttered, meaning most of the media attention was focused on the ladies’ quest for the title. So while our nation ultimately came up short, there’s certainly one positive that came from America’s run.

It gave the emerging brand of Alex Morgan a chance to make a first, and hopefully lasting, impression on the US sporting psyche.
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Alex Morgan Scores, Boy In Stands Celebrates With A Tummy Flash

If it all went according to plan, Alex Morgan‘s beautiful 69th minute goal would have earned the US women’s national team its third World Cup trophy and the 22-year-old would have been crowned the new queen of American soccer. But instead, after the US squandered not one, but two leads, the opportunity for instant super-Mia-Hamm-type-stardom for Morgan will have to wait for future World Cups.

Until then, Morgan should really work on her goal celebrations, this kid in the stands stole the show after she buried her left footed shot — taking his shirt-off in a spontaneous moment of post-goal glee. Boy with the Washington State University Cougars t-shirt, you are now internet famous, congrats. Odds are he’s a Hope Solo relative, since she’s the only player on the roster that hails from Washington state.

Servando Carrasco Just Might Become A Household Name Yet, Thanks To Being Alex Morgan’s Boyfriend

See the gentleman above? Many of you might know him to be Servando Carrasco, 22-year-old Sounders midfielder. Many of you, however, despite being relatively devoted soccer fans, might not have had the chance to become acquainted with him yet, as he’s made just 10 appearances (including five starts) for Seattle this season, which is his rookie campaign.

All of that could change quickly, though, especially if the US Women win the World Cup on Sunday. For you see, Mr. Carrasco is the boyfriend of none other than America’s Mia Hamm in waiting, Alex Morgan.
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