About TDK

About Us:
We love soccer.
We especially love American soccer.
We live in Brooklyn and work in media.
We played some college soccer.
We hope we blog better than we played (or at least we hope that holds true for one of us, who was the very definition of “wing-back scrub”).

About the Name:
The ’94 U.S. World Cup squad’s uniforms -— The stars! The faux denim! -— symbolized the ambition, boldness, and folly of American soccer. (As well as the blight of 90′s fashion.) The Denim Kit, or “TDK”, celebrates the spirit of ’94 and the vision of a distinctly American brand of soccer. And aims to look fabulously heinous while doing so.

And Finally, the TDK Preamble:
We, The Denim Kit, in order to form a more perfect blogosphere, establish soccer, insure our domestic league, provide for our National Team, promote the general welfare of all soccer fans, and secure the blessings of soccer to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this blog to foster soccer on and off the field in the United States of America.

Contact us at thedenimkit@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter @TheDenimKit.


  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say keep up the great work with TDK, am a fan.


  2. I like your NASL Nostalgia Fridays. If you want any videos from my collection, just let me know:


  3. Sa-weet Blog! Heady days, those-the Bora phase. Nice to know there are people out there as addicted to soccer and soccer uniforms as much as or more than me! A watershed kit for the US Nats in’94. The 2010 WC slash is another. Watching the Gold Cup now, you get the feeling the US Nats (men’s- and even women’s for WC2011) are at a critical time. Change is coming.

  4. I freakin love the 94 jersey! is there any way i can get a jersey online? i haven’t been able to find one, maybe through ebay if someone was stupid/silly enough to sell one. it’s so….American, in a good and bad way!

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