“We Are Jogging to Brazil”: The Ultimate World Cup Soccer Jogging Mix Ever of All-Time


OK, so the headline above might be an exaggeration, but it was written in the thinking that there probably aren’t all that many World Cup Soccer Jogging mixes out there. If any?

So now that I’ve explained the headline, I’m sure your first question is: Why create a World Cup Soccer Jogging mix in the first place? Well, some friends and I are headed down to Brazil for the World Cup and as part of our “training,” we decided that we’d hold a competition where everyone had to jog 100 miles in the three months before the WC, and for each mile you came in under 100 you had to buy that many drinks for the rest of the crew. Or something like that.

Now if you’re as out of shape as I am, 100 miles means about 900 minutes of running. (Getting old seriously sucks. No one told me your hamstrings became tighter than Arsene Wenger’s purse-strings once you eclipsed 40.) So I figured that the only way I could get through all of these miles was to create a soccer-music mix that reminded me why I was doing this in the first place. Hence, I created the “UWCSJMix”, 49 minutes of soccer-rocker goodness. And naturally, as an American, I called it, “We Are Jogging to Brazil!” Please do the right-click thing and download it here if you’d like:

:: “We Are Jogging to Brazil” (MP3) ::

I’ve also included a quick track-by-track description below but should give a shoutout to the always impressive Football and Music, who exposed to me to at least a handful of songs in the mix. Go check out their site for better mixes than the one posted above.

Though I don’t think they have any better World Cup Soccer Jogging mixes than my own effort. Just sayin’.


(Would-be liner notes if you could do such things in iTunes. Why can’t you do such things in iTunes, by the way?)

Brian Clough, “Intro” … Arguably the greatest English manager to never manage the English national side offers up some words of wisdom. “Football’s a hard game.” Especially for the U.S. these days, but I digress.

Harry J and the All Stars, “Liquidator” … A classic. Normally played before Chelsea matches so the Arsenal chant is way out of line. But I’m American so I can get away with such things.

“Arsenal Til I Die” … The famed fan chant that can be applied to just about every club on the planet. Unless your local rivals happen to be Eye Dye FC.

Sensible Soccers, “Twin Turbo” … This soccer rocker was used to score cristiano Ronaldo’s official tribute video when he won the Ballon D’or this year. The band name is also ripped from a classic 90s video game, “Sensible Soccer”. Which makes sense as $occer stopped becoming sensible around the turn of the century.

Manchester City Supporters, “Mario Balotelli Chant” … One of my favorite fan chants of all time. The City fans are nothing if not creative. Google the lyrics when you get a sec (I’d do it for you but I’m flying right now).

Real Sounds of Africa, “Soccer Fan” … One of two true football-song highlights on this mix, this classic 90s ditty — used to intro the BBC’s excellent World Football Phone-In podcast — was actually produced by a fledgling Norman Cook, aka “Fatboy Slim”, aka “Massive Brighton Hove and Albion supporter”.

England Supporters Club, “Wayne Rooney Chant” … I just heart the tuba in this. And hope to hear this live in Brazil. Really do.

Sir Edmundo Ros, “Football, Football (Calypso)” … The other top, top, TOP, TOP!!! cut on this mix. Especially appropriate for the trip to Brazil. I hope to have exactly these sorts of discussions in Brazilian bars the country over while down there.

“Oh When the Spurs Go Marching In” … Can only think of Bale shredding Inter in the CL when I hear this. Not sure why. A classic either way.

Rogue Wave, “Harmonium” … The song used for Fox Soccer’s Vice-esque promo spot. I never thought FSC got enough credit for some of the promos they did, to be honest, this one chief among them.

Lightning Seeds, “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” … Another classic. Often sung by opposing fans to ridicule English sides when they’re being beaten badly away from home. Seeds nailed this ditty, though.

Diego Maradona interview about the Hand of God … Absolutely cruel of me to position this right after the Lightning Seeds song. But I’m American so I can get away with that. More than anything I just love the way Maradona says Butcher. “BOOTCH-er”.

The Fall, “Theme From Sparta FC” … If England was ever going to lash out in anger at at the myriad ways the football gods have wronged them, then this track would be blasting as they stormed the pitch.

Manchester United, “Move, Move, Move (The Red Tribe)” … Second cheesiest song on the mix, but a guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s because a coworker who doubled as the biggest Roy Keane fanboy on the planet used to blast this in the newsroom we worked in whenever Man U wrapped up another trophy. I’d promptly warn him on IM (+15%!) each time the song played. Those were the days.

Liverpool FC, “Anfield Rap” … Horrible of me to place Scouser cheese after Red Devil cheese, but I’m American so I can do such things. The Macca Can/Shaka Kahn part is particularly good fun.

Rangers “Four Lads Had a Dream” Chant … I know that hearing any chant that uses the Sloop John B is considered passé, but hearing Rangers fans chant this the season after getting dropped down to the fourth tier in Scotland was pretty stirring. I like this. A lot.

Kasabian, “Fire” … Another FSC promo that worked quite well. This was the open to any of their PL programming, blaring over all 20 club crests.

George Best, Homeowner Interview … Bestie talks about his infamous custom home outside of Manchester. The architect who designed it is named Frazier Crane, which most Americans should get at least a chuckle out of.

Noel Gallagher, “AKA What a Life!” … Decent belter by the famous City fan that also doubled as the soundtrack of Vauxhall commercials for the English national team.

Ryan Morgan, “The Ballad of Clint Dempsey (Nacogdoches Blue)” … As an American, I felt I should end this mix with an American soccer song. Sadly, there aren’t that many, but this one isn’t half bad.

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  1. I know this is kinda late but I am loving your mix. I’m actually searching blogs after blogs about soccer and I happened to see this. It really brings good vibes and can cheer you up and motivate you to do something productive, I don’t know but it’s what I felt after listening to your music.

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