Michael Bradley Answers Fan Questions In US Soccer’s ‘#askmb’ Q&A

Every so often, the Internet does something to restore one’s faith in humanity. Wednesday was just such a day, as Michael Bradley hopped on the US Soccer Twitter account for a great Q&A with the ‘SMNT faithful.

From players that he emulates to some Brad Guzan smack talk, this is some truly great stuff from the General. The full transcript of the chat is below; Bradley answers as “@ussoccer” with his answers preceding the questions.

How can you not love this team? And this guy? Up the ‘SMNT!

@ussoccer: We love it. It only adds to the excitement of the game. RT: @JocoGent how do you feel about the reception so far from Costa Ricans? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Bruce Springsteen. RT @Rachel_MUFC #askmb what music do you like?

@ussoccer: Roy Keane, Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso RT @JPLynch14 whose the player you modeled your game after? #askMB

@ussoccer: In the USA: Seattle. International: Azteca & Stadio Olimpico RT @dslifka what’s your favorite stadium to play in US & international. #AskMB

@ussoccer: The goal v. Slovenia in the World Cup. RT: @GioESMx10 what is the most memorable goal you have ever scored? #askmb

@ussoccer: Never lost a game to Magic in my entire career @bguzan RT @brendanrennie25 How much better are the Sockers than the Magic?? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Spending time with my wife and son. RT @EKBillionaires what’s your favorite activity/hobby outside of soccer? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Olive oil on everything and espresso after meals RT: What is the most “Italian” thing that you do now? #AskMB

@ussoccer: La Liga RT @trophymursky what league would you like to play in if you couldn’t play in serie A #AskMB

@ussoccer: stracciatella RT @dpiasecki Favorite gelato flavor? #AskMB

@ussoccer: TV – Homeland & Suits. Movie: Shawshank Redemption RT @RobertScelzo favorite tv show/ movie?

@ussoccer: Fall River Dreams by Bill Reynolds RT @NathanBuxbaum favorite book? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Taylor Ham and cheese. Salt, pepper, ketchup. RT @RobWesthelle Is it Taylor Ham or a Pork Roll? #askmb

@ussoccer: Definitely not @bguzan. RT @303KiDFiSH Who’s got the best jokes on the @ussoccer squad? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Absolutely. I keep up with everything happening in @MLS RT@scottdevey do you pay attention to your #USMNT teammates in MLS? #askmb

@ussoccer: Rafael Nadal and Kobe Bryant. Fierce competitors who put it all on the line. RT @zeger_jake who is your favorite non soccer athlete? #AskMB

@ussoccer: Play in Champions League & win a trophy in Europe. RT @DToRR28 What goals do you want to accomplish with the rest of your career? #askmb

@ussoccer: My parents. They made sure I never missed a training or game. RT @SteaglesPD Who was biggest influence in your drive to play soccer? #askmb

@ussoccer: .@nikesoccer Centennial jersey with white shorts and white socks RT @t_Giancarlo personal favorite USMNT kit?? #askmb

@ussoccer: Chicago Fire 1998 RT @biggySF Who was your favorite MLS player to train with growing up?

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