If you click on this link, you’ll find a video of a long interview with Clint Dempsey. It’s Deuce, so it’s worth watching. But again, it’s long.

Anyway, you’d think the interesting part would be where he talks about why things fell apart with Liverpool. That’s what I thought heading into the video, at least. But I was wrong. That part’s a bit boring. The good stuff is towards the end (try starting at the 17:43 mark) where Dempsey talks about playing for the ‘SMNT. In fact, to me, the best bit was where he opens up about how great the support was in Columbus for the US’ win over Jamaica. From the interview:

“The closest that I’ve ever experienced (to a true home-field advantage) would be in Columbus, with a crowd that was 90 to 95 percent behind your team. I’ve played qualifiers in the States where (the American support is) 50-50.”

Well done, Columbus. Anyway, watch the vid. There’s a bit towards the end where things get a little awkward when Dempsey’s asked to compare Bradley and Klinsi. That part’s OK too.