Raheem Sterling Is A 17-Year-Old Father … But To How Many Kids?

Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling has become one of the EPL’s — if not England’s — bright, young sensations in the matter of just a few months, going from relative unknown to national-team call-up in less time than it takes the fleet-footed winger to dart down the touchline.

With fame comes increased media attention, naturally, and that can often lead to controversy. And that has been the case with Sterling, as the latest story to make the rounds about the Scouser is that he has already fathered up to three kids. With two or three different women. At the age of 17.

Those facts were reported on the Guardian’s “Football Weekly” podcast this week, as James Richardson and the crew went on about how remarkable it was that he’d have so many kids at such a young age. But then this recent ESPN article claims that it’s still unknown just how many children Sterling has; although it appears that at least one is confirmed.

Either way, as ESPN pointed out, it’s quite disconcerting that no one knows the truth behind this story.

Liverpool has refused to comment thus far. Wonder if this will make it on to FOX Soccer’s “Being: Liverpool”? One can only hope.

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