Southampton’s Rickie Lambert has gotten off to an impressive start to his EPL career, scoring twice in three matches, and against heavies Manchester City and Manchester United, no less.

At 30, Lambert made a long climb up to England’s top flight, slogging through all three of the lower leagues before finally making it to the prem this season.

So is Lambert blown away by the pace and intensity of the game at this level? Not quite. To him it’s more the skill that’s required to play at this level that is the EPL’s defining characteristic. Here’s Lambert talking to BBC 5Live about the differences between Championship football and what’s played at the top flight:

“I think the difference is any little mistake, it’s a goal. Normally sometimes in the Championship, you might be able to get away with it, but since we’ve begun in the Premiership we haven’t gotten away with anything up to now.”

(Lambert was then asked if the game was much quicker in the premiership as compared to the Championship.) “Not really, if your touch is OK, you get more time, but in the split second if your touch is not perfect, they’ll get it off you straightaway.”

Good for guys like Geoff Cameron and Maurice Edu to know as they get acclimated to their new league.