Nacogdoches (And Craven Cottage) Blue

The Ballad of Clint Dempsey (Nacogdoches Blue) This song seems like a fitting tune to listen to today.

If you’re a Fulham fan, such as yours truly, then there certainly is some sadness around where things stand between Clint Dempsey and Fulham. But then it’s also hard to fault either side.

At 29, this could be Dempsey’s last chance to cash in on a big European contract, a big deal for a kid from a poor Texas family. And Fulham, for their part, must feel jilted; they took a chance on Dempsey way back when and helped him become the player he is today. Is there no sense of loyalty for this?

West London and country music go together about as well as blue-bloods and pickup trucks, but if Craven Cottage ever felt like a last-chance saloon, then today’s definitely that day.

Here’s to hoping this whole thing gets resolved quickly.

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  1. George Washington

    “Where’s the loyalty”? Dempsey signs with Fulham, 17th in table, is immediately benched, fights his way back into the starting 11, only to have Fulham change managers THREE more times in three consecutive Sean’s, and EACH time Dempsey is benched, forces his way back on the starting 11, then has to repeat. Some “loyalty”, Fulham. And, oh by the way, while starting each season on the bench, his stats continually improve. Move on Clint. You’re better than this club.

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