As pointed out by The Guardian’s Fiver recently, the real reason people buy super-expensive watches is so they can let others know that they’re rich enough to not really care what time it is. Thankfully, it’d seem that Clint Dempsey’s new Jorg Gray watch, seen above, probably won’t be one of “those” kinds of watches, as most of their timepieces are in the $300-400 range. Though if Dempsey ever does make the move to Liverpool, he’d probably need a diamond-encrusted Rolex, as his weekly wages would likely make a big jump upon joining the Scousers. Either way, win your own Dempsey watch by going to Jorg Gray’s Facebook page and answering some Clint trivia questions. Or don’t. And keep asking people far richer than you if they’ve got the time, sir. (Which would mean you don’t even have enough money to have a cell phone on you. Man, you really are down in it.)