The USWNT’s quest for a third-straight Olympic gold begins on Wednesday at the 2012 London Games.

The full schedule is below. In the meantime, read these excellent previews from the Shin Guardian and Brian Straus at the Sporting News.

Oh, and here’s the men’s Olympic Soccer schedule, now with far less USA.


July 25 in Cardiff
Britain vs. New Zealand (MSNBC, live, 11 am ET)
Cameroon vs. Brazil (NBCSN, live, 1:45 pm ET)

July 28 in Cardiff
New Zealand vs. Brazil (NBCSN, live, 9:30 am ET)
Britain vs. Cameroon (MSNBC, live, 12:15 pm ET)

July 31 in Coventry
New Zealand vs. Cameroon

July 31 in London
Britain vs. Brazil (MSNBC, live, 3 pm ET)


July 25 in Coventry
Japan vs. Canada (NBCSN, 4 pm ET)
Sweden vs. South Africa (MSNBC, 4:30 pm ET)

July 28 in Coventry
Japan vs. Sweden (MSNBC, live, 7 am ET)
Canada vs. South Africa (MSNBC, live, 9:30 am ET)

July 31 in Manchester
Canada vs. Sweden (MSNBC, live, 9:30 am ET)

July 31 in Cardiff
Japan vs. South Africa


July 25 in Glasgow
United States vs. France (NBCSN, live, noon ET)
Colombia vs. North Korea (MSNBC, live, 2:30 pm ET)

July 28 in Glasgow
United States vs. Colombia (NBCSN, live, noon ET)
France vs. North Korea (NBCSN, live, 2:45 pm ET)

July 31 in Manchester
United States vs. North Korea (NBCSN, live, 12:15 pm)

July 31 in Newcastle
France vs. Colombia (MSNBC, live, 12:15 pm ET)

Aug. 3 in Glasgow
19: Sweden vs. France (7 am ET)
Aug. 3 in Newcastle
20: United States vs. New Zealand (9:30 am ET)
Aug. 3 in Cardiff
21: Brazil vs. Japan (12 p.m. ET)
Aug. 3 in London
22: Great Britain vs. Canada (2:30 pm ET)

Aug. 6 in London
Winner match 19 vs. Winner match 21 (NBCSN, live, noon ET)
Aug. 6 in Manchester
Winner match 22 vs. Winner match 20 (NBCSN, live, 2:45 pm ET)

Aug. 9 in Coventry (NBCSN, live, 8 am ET)

Aug. 9 in London (NBCSN, live, 2:30 pm ET)