The South (Of Italy) Will Rise Again

Not sure why — and to be frank, even if I was there, I probably would’ve been too scared to ask them; they appear to be a surly bunch — but Napoli supporters flew the Confederate Flag in the away stand during their gripping 4-1 loss to Chelsea on Wednesday that pushed them from the Champions League.

Update: An explanation as to why the Napoli supporters fly the Confederate Flag can be found here. Thanks to Eric Beard for sending the post our way.

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  1. The article shows a real gap in connecting historical facts to cultural life. People still wave the flag in the south because of the regional connection not because they want to re-institute slavery. Still 150 years later and the south is still wounded by the Civil War yet bonds as a common people. The (assumingly) American writer seems to know less about the flag’s significance than the Italian professor.

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