Steve Nash‘s love for soccer is well known. And it’s clear to see in his game. He’s got the vision and handle of a classic #10.  As Nash’s career sunsets, another soccer influenced point guard is showing some footie-style flair in the NBA. Spanish rookie Ricky Rubio has brought his own brand of tiki-taka over to the states from this former club Barcelona.

PTI guy Michael Wilbon wrote about how soccer has influenced Rubio’s game for

From the article (Ronzone is Tony Ronzone, a former Timberwolves scout):

Ronzone, having spent so much time abroad, where soccer is king, said, “I call it having a soccer mentality. It’s pass-first. It’s unselfish. And most of all, it’s about not turning the ball over much because turnovers in soccer kill you. Soccer is so much about controlling the game. He can definitely control the game.”

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