Proposed Under Armour Ad Campaign: Don’t Dive Or You Might Get Shot

Under Armour, the American football-centric upstart of the sports apparel world, has started to dip its toe into world football in recent years, outfitting professional clubs in Germany, Mexico and players in England. Next summer, the Baltimore-based company is set to upgrade its soccer profile when they take over apparel duties for Tottenham Hotspur.

But with MLS tied up by Adidas and the US national team locked down by Nike, how can UA make an impact in American soccer?

Well, Robbie Rane and Jason Brady have an idea: capture the American soccer public by “leading a revolution against flopping.”

American’s love toughness, and so does Under Armour, so they created a spec advertising campaign that could help UA make a big splash stateside.

Click though to see more of their campaign posters and their clever video that shows what might have happened to divers if the Minutemen invented soccer.

See much more of the campaign here, including a proposed pink card for floppers.

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  1. I like it – the pink card especially.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the anti-dive campaign helps the UA brand in America, especially considering the fact that one thing the USMNT does admirably well is to avoid diving.

  2. I don’t think the anti-diving message is necessarily the remedy for soccer’s success in the US, but this is a fun, provocative idea. We need more stuff like this. Under Armour is in a unique position to add an alternative voice to the us soccer landscape. I hope they make a move, a big one.

  3. I really want to begin using the pink card in real life to call out people on their shenanigans. I hope Under Armour throws their hat in the soccer ring for real if only to push the other big companies to improve.

  4. If Under Armour had their sh!t together, they’d be at every USMNT and MLS game handing pink cards out to the fans to flash when an opposing player takes a dive.

    And I couldn’t agree more that UA needs to get in the soccer market. US soccer needs UA’s grit.

    If UA continue to go at it this way and make a few additional tweaks, I think soccer could provide a massive market for them.

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