Landon Donovan Tells BBC He’d Choose Hat-Trick In Merseyside Derby Over Scoring Match-Winner In 2011 MLS Cup Final

It’s the eternal debate in MLS circles — “eternal” being 16 years — what’s of greater value, to be the best in MLS or to shine in England?

No less an authority than MLS’ biggest domestic star gave his thoughts on the matter recently. And while his answer was at least a touch cheeky, it was still somewhat telling in its honesty.

During an interview with BBC’s 5 Live, LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan admitted that he would choose to put three goals past Everton rivals Liverpool over his recent MLS Cup-winning goal against the Houston Dynamo. Donovan is currently on loan with Everton and will likely face Liverpool in his final match with the Toffees.

Here’s a transcript of the question:

BBC: You scored the winning goal for the Galaxy in the MLS Cup final. It was a long time coming and a massive moment for the club and for yourself. Would you trade that winning goal in the MLS Cup final for a hat-trick in the Merseyside Derby?

Donovan: Oh, geez.

BBC: It’s hard to choose, but these are the questions you get.

Donovan: Um, I’m gonna say yes I would, because I believe the Galaxy would’ve won no matter what had happened, so I’ll trade that in, since it’s already happened, I’ll gladly trade that in now.

You can listen to the full interview here. (Donovan’s portion kicks in right around the 6:00 mark.)

My own take on it is that Donovan’s answer was a bit playful and not to be taken too seriously. Yet might it have made MLS fans feel a bit better if he’d simply said, “Nothing tops a late match-winner in the MLS Cup final”?

The eternal debate rages on, people.

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  1. he’s getting wily in his old age…

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