TDK wishes a happy Hanukkah to the Jewish soccer nation. Particularly, Tribe members Jonathan “the Mexi-Jew” Bornstein, Benny “the Hebrazilian” Feilhaber, Jonathan Spector,* Jeff Agoos, Don Garber, Dave Sarachan, Shepp Messing, Ethan Zohn, Malcolm Glazer, and Yael Averbuch. Anyone else?

Latkes and donuts are traditional foods on this holiday because they are cooked in oil — it’s symbolic. So happy latke-ing everyone.

Jurgen Klinsmann (not a Jew) has urged MLS players to keep training this off season, since the league’s schedule is shorter than most European leagues. As a result, we’ve seen many MLSers practicing with various Euro teams. Benny Feilhaber hasn’t been one of them. We hope to see him back in the national team picture, so hopefully he’s staying fit and laying off the latkes. Just a taste now Benny, we don’t want you to look like this when pre-season rolls around.

*Interesting nugget: Spector’s grandfather, Art, apparently played for the Celtics. Those Spectors are some athletic Jews. Yarmulkes off to them.

Photo via Fatbooth.