Rotherham United To Play In ‘New York Stadium’

Are you a Gothamite itching for a League Two club in England to support?* Look no further, you’re now a Miller through and through.

On Wednesday, Rotherham United (a.k.a. “The Millers”) announced that their new £20 million would be named “The New York Stadium”.

The town apparently has links to NYC, as local foundries once produced the Big Apple’s fire hydrants. The stadium is also going to be located in the New York district of Rotherham town center.

From Sheffield newspaper “The Star“:

Officially named New York Stadium yesterday by World Cup referee Howard Webb, the name links Rotherham’s past to their future.

For the Guest and Chrimes Foundry made the distinctive fire hydrants which are dotted around the famous American city.

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone said at the name unveiling: “It’s a fantastic name and one that, I’m sure, will enable us to create links with New York across in America. We need to create links and why can’t we?

“In fact, as a town we’d like to create links with New York not just for the opening of the stadium but going into the future.

“We are going to talk to people over there and try and get them to come over.

Certainly the name can open doors into New York. The town already has links with the USA.

“If we can bring Dolly Parton to Rotherham then I’m sure we will be able to bring the New York Mayor or Governor to Rotherham.”

Visit The Star’s article for a video news report as well.

Then visit Rotherham once the stadium is done, especially if you’re a Red Bulls supporter — am I the only one who thinks the Bulls should open the stadium with a friendly? Or maybe the Cosmos, if they ever actually come into existence.

Ref Howard Webb visits New York (Stadium).

(* – Part of me would like to think that’s not the first time that question’s ever been asked, but it’s entirely possible those words have never been spoken, or typed, before.)

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  1. ‘Ex-ref Howard Webb’? He hasn’t gone anywhere.. He was just confirmed to officiate Euro 2012 the other day.

  2. Finally a New York Soccer Stadium!

  3. New York here we come! UTM

  4. World cup referee Howard Web is a Millers fan.

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