Omar Gonzalez Linked To English Premier League Transfer

Europe’s silly season viewed from this side of the pond is a lot like driving downhill towards a “FREE BBQ” stand. You have to constantly remind yourself to pump the brakes, because once you’ve seen the signs off in the distance, you start obsessing about having that first juicy helping of confirmed transfer news/brisket served up on your computer/plate, all the while knowing that there might not, in fact, be any BBQ, free or otherwise, to be had in the first place.

Well, it’s time to wake Omar Gonzalez up and add him to the menu. He’s just been slathered in sauce and tossed on the barbie by Sky Sports, as the mainstream media outlet is reporting that there’s major interest from Premier League clubs who would like nothing more than to poach the talented American defender from MLS’ ranks.

So is this Sky report nothing more than standard silly season rumor fare? Well, sure, probably, especially considering that no clubs are mentioned in the report. But a few details make this interesting: One, Sky is saying that Beckham has been giving Omar a “glowing reference” to a number of people in England. Two, Sky says the move wouldn’t be a loan but would be a permanent switch, and that the Galaxy are “bracing” themselves for bids.

It says here at TDK that even though he sleeps on LA buses (one of his teammates tweeted the above photo at some point during the most recent campaign … no wonder he wants out of that dressing room), Omar certainly has the raw tools to succeed in the EPL, and not just make a club, but become a long-time starter like Tim Howard, Brad Friedel or Clint Dempsey. We’re a bit split on the timing of such a jump, though; I maintain that Omar could use another season in MLS (I just saw him make a few too many glaring mistakes in the back for my tastes), while MSM says he’s ready to go now, as he’s already played three seasons in MLS and doesn’t have much to prove on this level any longer. Somewhere between the two likely lies the truth (my way of saying I’m right and he’s wrong, of course).

Either way …

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  1. He’s certainly proven himself in MLS. Although a move to a second tier European league might make the most sense before a jump to the Prem…

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