If you’ve ever made the trip over to Fulham’s Craven Cottage, then you know how special the grounds is. It’s located in a quaint part of West London along the river Thames, and the classic four-stand stadium was built in 1896, designed by renowned Scottish architect Archibald Leitch.

Given the stadium’s age, however, a facelift isn’t out of the question. And that very much appears to be the case, as the club has released plans to renovate the Riverside Stand, which, naturally, runs along the River Thames. And also has the famous Michael Jackson statue out back.

The renovation itself looks to be well designed and could benefit the club through increased seating and revenue; the new Riverside Stand plans include cafes and shopping concourses (check out stadiumporn.com for more details). Thankfully, the club is choosing to leave the classic Johnny Haynes Stand alone; it’d be nothing short of a travesty to tamper in the slightest with the wooden seats and tiny turnstiles found within. [Via KCKRS]