Portland Timbers Retro-Inspired Third Kit

They get it out there in PDX.  It’s a simple formula: innovate and leverage your greatest asset, your tradition. Today, the second year MLS club did just that with their retro-inspired third kit and limited edition gift set that includes the jersey and a unique Timbers scarf. Both are made from 100 percent recycled cotton, of course. The sets also include some vintage Timbers photos.

The New York Red Bulls must have something up their sleeve for their third kits this year, right?  I mean, merely moving some seams on their new home kit and then calling it a day would look sort of silly after offerings like this, Right?

A Timbers visual explainer, and more details here.




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  1. Man, the Timbers nailed this, but I have to be honest; I think the Red Bulls did an OK job with the new kit. Not mind-blowing, but not bad.

  2. I don’t dislike the RB kit (although I wish it had NYC on the front http://goo.gl/LSUGB) But they need to do something with the away or 3rd kit to show some life or pizzazz.

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