If Didier Drogba’s management team is to be believed, then the player wants someone to splash the cash for his services next summer. And that quest for a payday could very well lead him to MLS.

Drogba’s agent, Thierno Seydi, made it clear that the star striker wasn’t happy with the recent offer made by current club Chelsea, and he will now head to the side that will pay him the most.

From The Guardian:

“Didier has had the offer of a one-year extension from Chelsea. That does not suit us,” Seydi is quoted as saying by the Sun. “We know what we want, where we want to go and what offers we have.

“Milan came in for Didier on loan with an option to buy but I said ‘No’ straight away. Their offer did not interest us.

“At Didier’s age, he has nothing left to prove as a player. He will go where he is offered the most money. It could be the United States, Russia, Qatar or somewhere else in Asia. Once you are well into your 30s you have to go to a club where you can be certain you’ll be able to pay your bills.

“LA Galaxy are a possibility among many others. He has been linked with Anzhi Makhachkala in Russia, as they pay well. But neither Didier nor I have had an offer from them.”

On the one hand, it’s nice to see an agent speak candidly about a player’s true motivations and state clearly that he simply wants to get paid. On that same hand, the Galaxy would certainly seem to have the funds to pull off such a deal.

On the other hand, how would Drogba fit next to Robbie Keane? The pairing could work, but they’re both players who dominate the ball up top, so it could get tricky at times.

Regardless, if this works out and Drogba comes to MLS, given his form, fitness and footballing abilities, he’d likely be the league’s top player as soon as he set foot on the pitch. No disrespect to the players already here, but the 33-year-old Ivory Coast international is still that good.