Sometimes you get so angry with someone you just want to grab them by the neck; but you don’t, because you are a respectful, civilized person. Your instinct would be different if you were an overpaid footballer in a foreign land.

Thierry Henry took out his frustration on Nat Borchers’ throat during the Red Bulls embarrassing 3-1 loss to Real Salt Lake Wednesday night. Borchers crime was apparently overreaching to Henry intentionally kicking him off the ball. Henry also appeared to have some not so nice words for the RSL center back. The two ended up hugging it out after the match, but the damage was done — to Henry’s reputation, in my book. Grabbing a player by the neck says one thing, “Do you know who I am? Don’t do that to me!.”

Samuel Eto’o, the highest paid soccer player in the world, now barmstorming in the Russian league also prefers the hand-to-throat method of communication.  He showed his displeasure — and blatant disrespect for his opponent — with an even more forceful throat-grab.