Whether it’s the gritty domestic game, the high-quality English version or any other global league, soccer’s television presence in the US just keeps growing.

The latest network execs to take advantage of what appears to be the game’s growing popularity would be the brain trust at FOX. According to EPLTalk.com, FOX will show the Feb. 5 match between Chelsea and Manchester United on the free-to-air network.

Why is this significant? Because Feb. 5 is Super Bowl Sunday, so it would appear that FOX would be using the match as a lead-in to its pregame coverage.

EPLTalk.com is also reporting that FOX will air three more EPL matches on its national network during the ’11-12 NFL season. Those are: Man U-Chelsea (Sept. 18), Spurs-Arsenal (Oct. 2) and Chelsea-Liverpool (Nov. 20).

All of those matches will be on tape delay. But it’s still stunning to see how far the game has come in even the last 10 years. (Want your mind completely blown? Go way back in time with MLSSoccer.com to read about when PBS was king of the beautiful game here in the US.)