Jose Mourinho Wants to Coach in New York or Los Angeles

MLS, or the concept of MLS, is fast becoming the Florida to European soccer’s New York City; it’s where the tired, old soccer souls go to “kick it” by the pool (the “pools” being, in this case, brand new soccer-only stadiums in major metropolitan hubs) while not seeing their star wattage fade entirely.

And now we can add Jose Mourinho to the list of those looking to use MLS as a final transitional phase out of the lucrative, but exhausting, footballing business.

In an interview with Sky Italia, the Real Madrid manager seemed to have a very well considered plan for how he’d allow his professional coaching career to wind down. And naturally, it involved a stint with MLS:

“My idea is to stay on top of European football over the next 10 or 15 years. Then I would have a completely different experience in the United States : New York Red Bulls, Los Angeles Galaxy, a house in Manhattan, a house in Malibu. I’m on that idea. “

All credit to “Jo-Z” for getting the exact team names right. Though if he was really up on the latest American soccer developments, he would have added the Cosmos to that list with a wink and a smile.

Regardless, you don’t hear about Phil Jackson walking off into a Benetton Treviso sunset, or Joe Girardi pining over a stint with the Yomiuri Giants. While these aren’t currently much more than idle thoughts, they are the idle thoughts of one of the game’s greats.

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